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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Vidya Barve, is a divorced, working woman,sharing a rented flat with a room mate in Mumbai. Our film deals with one single night which Vidya is forced to spend on the streets of this city.... As she ambles on the deserted roads waiting for morning, she's frightened, lonely, angry, confused. She keeps recalling her relationships as they stand today- Her estranged husband, her teenaged son staying with her mother in small town Nasik, her boss, her colleague, her room mate. Alternating between her encounters during this night and her past, the film finally sees a visibly confident Vidya coming to terms with her lot. And that is when dawn breaks... The title Shevri suggests an insignificant wisp of cotton, which is Vidya. An ordinary woman with ordinary dreams, leading a life which is now out of the ordinary for her. Her coming to terms with her state today and becoming present to her life is what gives an essence to the film. “Shevri is an interesting film because of its innovative and intelligent cinematic narration by effective use of flashbacks” - Jury comment at the Pune International Film Festival 2007 where it won the best International Marathi Film Award.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Mita Vashisht who essays the role of Vidya's room mate Maya, needs no introduction.She has worked in off-beat cinema as well as commercial films.
Apart from acting, Mita is also actively involved in social work. She has worked with children in remand homes and started a theatre group with them.
Her film 'Summer Moon' a 40 min. insight into her work with these girls is a highlight in her career.
In 'Shevri', Mita plays a non-conformist , intelligent woman. Her role is important in the film because it is an anti-thesis of Vidya Barve's character.

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anand said...

hey, like whatś this blog abt? u a journalist or sthg that u r advertising this movie. :-)
btw, i dint know such a movie was coming, so thanks.

An upstage film company presentation

An upstage film company presentation